Dementia Care and Input

Dementia Care and Input

At the Island Rehabilitation Practice, we advocate a multi-disciplinary, client-centred approach to the management of dementia.   As well as assessing the home environment, safety, mobility, transfers and everyday abilities of the client, we also carry out a range of Cognitive activities to stimulate and compensate for lost memory function.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. ‘Dementia’ is an umbrella term, the two main types being Alzheimer’s and Vascular dementia.

CST was designed following extensive evaluation of research evidence, hence is an evidence-based treatment.

CST is carried out by our Occupational Therapist using a one –to –one individualised approach. The themes and principles aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, in doing so improving their ability to communicate and overall well-being.

Dementia Care Isle of Wight

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